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Office of the Controller

Procedures for Routing a Monetary Award Payment Request

Step 1: The originating department will complete all the applicable required documents (Awards Determination Form, Predetermined Objective Standards and or the criteria used for selection of award recipient, and either a Remittance Voucher or a Single Payment Form) and send to Tax Compliance at Box # 5143.


Step 2: Tax Compliance will review and approve the monetary award payment request or return the request for additional information. Tax compliance will route the payment request for an approved award to one of the following locations:


  • Accounts Payable (AP) for payment processing,
  • The USM Foundation for reimbursement approval and encumbrance of, or       
  • The requesting department  if additional information is needed  


Step 3: Foundation approval and encumbrance will be needed for a monetary payment request that will be processed through Human Resources (HR) /Student Employment (SE) on a Single Payment Form.


Step 4: The Foundation will forward the monetary award request to:


  • The requesting department if additional information is needed, or
  • The department of Human Resources (HR) and or Student Employment (SE) for payment processing.


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