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Office of the Controller

Special Check Request


Purpose of Special Check: 
65% or 80%:  Special checks for staff or faculty (regardless of full-time/part-time or permanent/temporary status) will be prepared at 65% of the amount owed.  Special checks for students (regardless of graduate or undergraduate) will be prepared at 80% of the amount owed.  The other 35% or 20% is reserved to cover taxes and/or deductions when the missing payment information is paid through a regularly scheduled payroll in SOARHR. Obviously, actual taxes and deductions vary by employee.


Click here to download the form


Fields on the Request Form: 

All fields on the form are required to be completed before submitting to Payroll.  See the following for more information on each field.

Name: Name of employee for whom the request is being made.

Empl: ID# of employee for whom the request is being made.


  • For monthly employee: Indicate dollar amount not paid to the employee that should have been paid in missed pay period.
  • For biweekly employee: Indicate number of hours not paid to the employee that should have been paid, along with rate per hour for those hours.
  • Pay Period End: Indicate last date of pay period for which check is being requested (for biweekly, see payroll schedule; for monthly, specify last day of month pay was missed).    
  • HR Dept: Indicate HR number of department to be charged.
  • Staff/Faculty or Student: Check one of the two options; will dictate percent of gross pay to be used in preparing special check.
  • Reason: Indicate reason employee not paid through normal payroll cycle (ex: hiring paperwork submitted late; hours were not submitted by the department, etc.).
  • Requested by: Indicate department name, name of individual requesting check and contact information. 
  • Signatures:Must be signed by both individual requesting check and requestor’s supervisor before sent to Payroll.  (Same individual cannot sign in both, as proxy for supervisor.) One of the signatures must be an expenditure authority for the HR Department.

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