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Office of the Controller

Sales Tax Collected

 Planning an “Event” or “Sale”


Before you have an event or sell items on campus, please contact the USM tax compliance office for sales tax collection and reporting requirements at salestaxFREEMississippi.


Items that generally have sales tax collections and reporting requirements:


  • A Tangible Product or Good (T-Shirts, Cups, etc.) including a processing fee

  • A Lease and or a Rental

  • Athletic Tickets

  • Some Admissions

  • Green Fees




Sales tax is accounted for in the month in which the transaction takes place regardless of collection. Sales tax information is due to the Tax Compliance Officer on the 10th day of the month following the transaction.  For example:  The sales tax information for tickets sold on February 28th is due to the Tax Compliance Office by March 10th. Please use the following file to report monthly sales tax: Sales Tax Remittance Spreadsheet (.xls). Please email the completed sales tax remittance spreadsheet to salestaxFREEMississippi 



Sales Tax Exemptions


 Sales made directly to the federal government and or federal government agency, the State of MS government and or agency, and counties and cities within Mississippi are exempt from sales tax.

 If a transaction is not made with one of the governmental entities mentioned, it is more likely than not considered the general public and is subject to sales tax. 



Additional Resources:


Please see the MS Department of Revenue at the following link for more detailed information:








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