Monthly Leave and Attendance

Log into SOAR

  • Simply start Internet Explorer
  • From the Southern Miss Home Page click on Quick Links on the Orange bar at the top of the home page
  • Choose Faculty & Staff from the drop down menu
  • Click on SOAR
  • SOAR Login
  • Enter your User ID and Password. Your user ID is the letter “W” plus your 6 digit Employee ID. Example: W123456


  • Click the Sign In button

Enter Monthly Time and Attendance

** Applies to all monthly leave eligible employees

Record Personal Leave (Vacation) and Sick (Medical) Leave Taken

This process will explain how monthly paid employees should enter leave taken for the month. Note: Leave taken should be entered in full-hour increments.

• Employees will have access to enter time by the 1st of each month. (The leave record for January will be available by January 1st for entering the leave taken during the month of January.)

• Employees will have until the 10th of the following month to complete the leave record. (The leave record for January must be completed by February 10th).

• Managers will have until the 15th of the following month to complete approvals. (The leave record for January must be approved by February 15th). See the section titled “Approve Employees Leave Taken”.

If an employee does not enter time, or if the time is not approved by the 15th of the following month, there will be a delay in processing. For instance, if an employee’s time for January is not entered and approved before the automatic process runs on (approx.) February 20th to calculate the leave balances that will appear on the February paycheck, that leave taken will be included in the run for the next month.

Once a manager approves an employee’s time, it can no longer be updated by the employee. However, if the manager un-checks the approval box, then the employee can make changes. Once the changes are made, the manager will then have to go back through the approval process.

After the automatic leave accrual process runs, neither the manager nor the employee can make changes. The employee would need to contact Human Resources to make adjustments if needed.

Navigate to the following path to enter leave taken information.

Self Service>USM Self Service>Monthly Time and Attendance

This search page can be used to find all available data, only data for a specific month and/or calendar year, or it can also be used to find approved vs. not approved data. The drop down does list all 12 calendar months, however future months are not available to enter time. Historical data is available for review.


Typically the employee will indicate which specific month and year they wish to enter. If more than one month meets the criteria entered, that information will be assessable via a hyperlink as shown below. Otherwise it will open to the month entered. The information displayed will be for the employee logged into SOAR.

Once a month is selected, an employee will see the following screen, which is then used to enter leave time taken.

There are variables on how an employee should enter time, but the employee must always save their time entered using the Save Button before it is recorded in the system. The only codes that have to be reported are Personal (Vacation) Plan 51 and Sick (Medical) Plan 50.

If no leave was taken for Personal or Sick, the employee must select the “No Leave Taken” option to indicate to the manager and Human Resources that this month was not skipped or forgotten. Otherwise the employees name will show up on reports as not having entered their time for that month.

Available leave balances are shown on this page as well. This leave balance does NOT include the hours taken for the month showing. It only reflects hours that were reported, approved and processed before the leave accrual process ran for the date indicated, as well as the hours earned as of the available date.

Manually Adding a Month to Enter Leave

As long as an employee is in the “Active” status in the Human Resources system, a page to enter monthly leave will automatically create. If an employee is in any other status, the employee will need to manually create a page for the month needed.

To do that, the employee should navigate to the Monthly Time and Attendance page (see page 3 for navigation), and instead of specifying a month and/or year, click on the “Add a New Value” link.

The employee that is signed into SOAR employee ID number will default in. Enter the month (01 = Jan; 02 = Feb, etc.) the employee is adding for and click the “Add” button.

A page will appear for the month being entered.

Guidelines and Scenarios for Entering Leave Taken

Consecutive Personal or Sick Time:            

Consecutive time taken in your normal work week (usually Monday through Friday) should be entered on one line per plan type. Personal (vacation) and sick leave will be entered on separate lines regardless of when they were taken.

A 40 hour work week (Monday through Friday) of personal time taken would be entered as shown below:

Keeping in mind the policy for sick leave that the first 8 hours of a non-reoccurring illness must be reported as Personal (Vac), a week of sick leave taken would be entered as shown below:

Non-Consecutive Time:   

Non-consecutive time taken in a Monday through Friday week should be entered on separate lines.

An employee who took personal leave on Monday and Thursday would enter time as shown below:

A 12-month employee who was out for personal on Monday and was out sick on Thursday and Friday for a non-reoccurring illness would record the time as shown below:

An employee who takes Thursday through Tuesday off for personal leave and Wednesday for a reoccurring illness will need to input time on three separate lines – one for each week as shown below.

Note that the time is calculated under the heading “Total Hours Taken this Month” and will update with each change that is entered.

View Manager’s Approval and Process Information

The manager’s approval and process information is listed at the bottom of the page where you input the leave time. If the manager has approved time the employee can no longer update time for that month. If the manager has not approved the leave in a timely manner, the time will not get processed until the next payroll cycle.

The employee may also return to the home page for entering leave and leave all areas blank and press the Search button.

Search will return all months the employee has been eligible to enter time by calendar month, year and either “Yes” for Manager approved or “No”.

Log Out of SOAR

As a security precaution always log out of SOAR so your session will end. Closing the Internet browser does not log you out of the system, it merely closes the web browser. To log out correctly, use the “Sign Out” hyperlink at the top right side of the page.


It is easier to look at a calendar when planning to enter time. Remember to keep consecutive time together when possible and non consecutive time separate.

If you are a new employee and you receive the error “Please see Manager, no manager listed The PeopleCode program executed an Error statement, which has produced this message”, the manager must first assign employees to their Active Employee List. Once the manager has completed this task, new employees will be able to enter their leave time.

When in doubt on how to enter leave taken, ask the manager how time should be entered or send an email to Payroll at