Paperless Pay

The University of Southern Mississippi uses a paperless system for all paychecks and pay stub information. All faculty, staff and student employees can receive their pay stub information online. (For Paychecks Dated After 12/10/10) 


How Do I View My Paycheck?

The SOAR navigation path is: Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck. Here you can view current paycheck and leave balances and past paycheck information. The following pages include screen shots of what you can expect to see. If you have questions, someone in Payroll will be happy to assist you. Just email us at or call 6-4084.


Getting Started in SOAR

The SOAR sign-on panel will prompt you to enter information in two fields. Use the tab key to move to the next field.

Click on

 sign in

after entering the data into the specified fields.



1st shot


USER ID: The SOAR identification number assigned to you, preceded by a “W”.


PASSWORD: The SOAR password associated with the user ID.


View Paycheck: Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck









The Select Paycheck with a checkmark in the PDF File column will look like the screenshot above. If you select to view a paycheck that does not have a checkmark in the PDF File column, please refer to the following instructions. (click here)