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Council of Directors


Article 1: Name

The name of this organization is the Council of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Council.


Article 2: Purpose

The purpose of the Council is to facilitate and improve the work of the Directors by: a) collaborating with the Provost, the Deans, and other administrators on items that are relevant to Directors, b) providing development opportunities for Directors, c) serving as an advisory body to the Provost, and d) formulating policy recommendations that advance the mission of the university for consideration by the Provost, the Deans, and the President.


Article 3: Membership

Section 1
The membership of the Council shall be composed of all full-time Directors of academic Schools, with full-time, tenure-track or teaching faculty, and one representative of the University Libraries.

Section 2
The Council may invite persons to serve as liaisons from units not meeting the criteria for membership outlined in Article 3 Section 1 of the Constitution. Liaisons are non-voting participants.


Article 4: Term of Office 

Section 1         
A Director will serve on the Council until no longer a School Director.

Section 2
The representative from the University Libraries will be appointed annually by the Dean of Libraries.

Section 3         
Terms of Council members shall begin on July 1.


Article 5: Officers

Officers are the president, president-elect, secretary/treasurer, and past president.


Article 6: Executive Committee

The president, the president-elect, the secretary/treasurer and past-president of the Council of Directors shall constitute the voting membership of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee shall be made up of the president, president-elect, and secretary/treasurer one year and on alternate years will be made up of president, past-president, and secretary/treasurer.


Article 7: Elections

Section 1         
Elections for the president-elect or the secretary/treasurer will be held within the 30 days preceding the June meeting. Officers will assume office July 1st.

Section 2         
Special elections of Council officers shall be held within one month when an office is vacated prior to end of elected term.


Article 8: Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Section 1         
The Council shall have the following standing committees:

  1. Professional Development Committee to provide training opportunities for directors.
  2. Elections Committee to hold annual elections for officers.

Section 2         
The Council may also establish ad hoc committees or task forces.


Article 9: Amendments and Bylaws

Section 1         
An amendment to the Constitution may be initiated by any member of the Council and becomes effective when approved by a two-thirds vote of the membership of the Council and by the Provost.

Section 2         
By majority vote of its total voting membership and with the approval of the Provost, the Council shall establish bylaws, consistent with this constitution, governing the conduct of the business of the Council.

Section 3         
An amendment to the bylaws may be initiated by any member and becomes effective when approved by a majority vote of the membership and with the approval of the Provost.