Academic Coursework

Academic Excellence

  • The Counseling Psychology program was recently ranked #1 in the country by based on being the only Counseling Psychology Program in the country which can boast a 100% pass rate on the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP is the national licensure exam for psychologists)

  • We maintain high standards and have been an APA accredited program since 1985

  • Students are enrolled full time on the Hattiesburg campus; there are not opportunities for part-time study or online coursework.

cpy graduates cap and gown 

 What to expect

  • Class sizes are small to allow for more individualized training opportunities.

  • Master's coursework and doctoral coursework overlaps in the first 2 years, allowing for an integration of training across these two programs. Master's students are well prepared to engage in doctoral-level study upon graduation. 

  • Students take classes with other graduate students in the Department of Psychology, including Clinical and School Psychology and generalists enrolled in the Brain and Behavior program.

  • All coursework is taught by experts in the field. A big advantage of being housed in a Department of Psychology is that classes are taught by experts in the discipline including Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Vocational Psychology and Developmental Psychology. Additionally, Counseling Psychology faculty provide integrated, discipline-specific training in counseling interventions, ethics, multicultural issues, diagnosis and assessment.