Counseling Psychology Research Teams

  • Research teams meet regularly and offer students individualized mentoring with faculty members

  • Graduate students engage in all aspects of the research process including presentations at national conventions and publications in top-ranked journals in the field

  • Applied research opportunities are available which demonstrate the benefits of the scientist-practitioner model

  • Year 1: All students join research teams lead by major professors. Teams meet regularly and focus on both individual research and collaborative projects. Independent research projects for Master's students are optional. Doctoral students work on developing their thesis ideas with the goal of proposing their thesis by the end of the first year.
  • Year 2: Master's students continue with research involvement either completing independent projects and/or supporting the team. Doctoral students complete data collection and defend their Master's thesis. Publication and presentation opportunities may be available. 
  • Year 3: Doctoral students publish their thesis and begin developing their dissertation ideas with the goal of proposing the dissertation by the end of the 3rd year.
  • Year 4: The dissertation proposal is required by Oct. 1. Doctoral students are expecting to complete data collection prior to beginning internship. It is strongly recommended that doctoral students defend their dissertation prior to leaving for internship. Publication of the dissertation project is expected.