Counseling Psychology Student Government

The Counseling Psychology Student Government (CPSG) serves as the graduate student group for both the Master's and Doctoral programs in Counseling Psychology. CPSG serves to:

  • Create a supportive environment for graduate students in the Counseling Psychology graduate programs
  • Facilitate professional development outside of required coursework and experiences
  • Provide an avenue for social interaction with peers
  • Provide other experiences relevant to personal development beneficial to becoming a competent, informed, and involved mental health professional

CPSG engages in several activities each year such as:

  • Facilitating our annual fundraiser, the Voodoo Run, in alliance with the Annual Downtown Crawfish Jam
  • Hosting social activities (e.g., playing laser tag, sports outings, parties)
  • Facilitating professional development activities including inviting speakers to campus
  • Serving as a liaison between program faculty and students

Meet the Executive Board:


President: Jackson Howard

Jackson Howard is a 4th year doctoral student on Dr. Bonnie Nicholson’s Positive Parenting Research Team. He is currently working on his dissertation, which focuses on student-athlete wellness and the role of parenting behaviors in student-athlete grit, burnout, and academic success. Jack received his B.S. in Psychology from Spring Hill College where he played NCAA Division II baseball and researched factors of collegiate success under Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio. In his free time, Jack enjoys playing golf, spending time with friends and family, and attending live music events in the city of Hattiesburg. As President, Jackson operates as a the main mediator between faculty supervisors and members of CPSG while also spearheading the efforts to create and organize events throughout the school year.

 taylor bolton

Vice President: Taylor Bolton

Taylor Bolton is a 4th year doctoral student in Dr. Eric Dahlen's Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab. She obtained her BA from Auburn University where she participated in Dr. Brestan-Knight's Parent-Child Interaction Therapy lab. Taylor's research interests focus on cyber aggression and the Dark Triad personality traits (Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and narcissism). In her free time, she enjoys college football, playing with her puppy, and various arts and crafts. As Vice-President, Taylor collects dues, attends to the organization’s finances, and aids the president in the delegation of necessary tasks.

 Ben Wright

Secretary: Ben Wright

Ben Wright is a second year Master’s student.  He works in Dr. Yowell’s Vocational Psychology Research Team.  Ben received his B.S. in Psychology from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  His current research is focused on the interaction between career development and social class.  He enjoys backpacking, folk dance, reading, and playing board games with his family.  Ben plans on pursuing a career as a university professor in Counseling Psychology.  As CPSG secretary, Ben keeps detailed notes of officer meetings and assists with the general organization of CPSG.  

 Riley Davis

Professional Development Coordinator: Riley Davis

Riley Davis is a second-year doctoral student in Dr. Batastini’s Correctional and Forensic Psychology Research Lab (BatLab). She is currently working on her thesis, which examines the effects of a defendant’s race on layperson’s self-rated estimates of future risk, wanted social distance, and sentencing determinations in the context of actuarial violence risk assessments. Riley is from Mobile, Alabama where she completed her undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of South Alabama. As Professional Development Coordinator, she is responsible for planning events and disseminating information to further the professional development of her peers outside of the classroom.


Master's Representative: Morgan Lowe

Morgan is a 2nd-year master's student from Madison, MS. She graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice in 2017. Morgan is currently a member of Dr. Dahlen's Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab. Her  research interests include the Dark Triad Personality traits and forensic psychology. In her free time, Morgan enjoys spending time with friends and family, listening to music, and volunteering in the Hattiesburg community. As Masters’ representative, Morgan provides support and assistance to the MS counseling students in the program. 


Chrissy Ammons

Social Activities Coordinator: Chrissy Ammons

Chrissy Ammons is a 3rd-year Doctoral Student on Dr. Nicholson’s Positive Parenting Research Team (PPRT). Originally from Richmond, Virginia, she completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Chrissy’s research interests include examining the role of important positive psychological traits such as dispositional forgiveness and gratitude and their protective role against the effects of maladaptive parenting. Chrissy currently serves as the Social Activities coordinator on the CPSG Counsel, taking on the responsibility of organizing CPSG sponsored events, activities, and community outreach.


First Year Representative: TBD