Emily Bullock Yowell

Associate Professor

Specialty Field:

Counseling Psychology

Academic and Professional Interests:

Dr. Yowell maintains a program of research in diverse areas of vocational psychology that focuses on the practical application (e.g., intervention effectiveness, how to make good decisions, testing & assessment impacts, coping, overcoming barriers to success) of career-related assistance in peoples’ lives and how their mental health is impacted (e.g., thought patterns, depression, self-efficacy, stress, anxiety, spiritual fulfillment). Her research involves participants from various backgrounds (e.g., unemployed adults, college students, veterans) with a concentration on Holland's RIASEC theory and the Cognitive Information Processing Approach. She regularly teaches graduate courses in vocational psychology and counseling practica.

Professional Honors and Achievements:

Dr. Yowell is the director of training for our Counseling Psychology M.S. program and a licensed psychologist in the State of Mississippi. She serves on the Career Development Quarterly and Journal of Vocational Psychology editorial boards.  She is an active member of the National Career Development Association and Society of Vocational Psychology.

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