Research Training

Counseling psychology students at a conferenceIn addition to preparing students for licensure as professional counselors, the Counseling Psychology Master’s Program trains counselors to be informed consumers of psychological science. Further, we are dedicated to preparing students for successful admission and completion of doctoral training in psychology. As such, we provide multiple opportunities for students to gain academic and practical research training in the form of a research apprenticeship.

Research Apprenticeship

With the permission of their advisor, students can join the research teams of faculty members in the program. Most faculty are involved with several research projects at any given time. Students can join a research team and contribute at a level determined by the student and faculty member. Students may be invited to become involved in developing a project or become involved in existing projects. Most faculty members are engaged in applied research that is aimed at informing the practice of psychology.

Students interested in research training should visit the program faculty webpages to learn more about faculty interests.