Why Counseling Psychology at Southern Miss?

Students describe the reasons they chose to attend graduate school at USM.
  • We offer high quality training in evidence-based approaches to psychotherapy. Most of our faculty adhere to a cognitive-behavioral framework and provide supervision to students engaged in counseling services throughout their doctoral training.
  • We maintain an in-house training clinic which works to provide students access to both university clients and clients from the Hattiesburg community. A diversity of experiences are available to students including therapy and assessment, and all supervision is provided by members of the counseling psychology faculty.
  • We also maintain several connections with community agencies which provide clinical training opportunities for our students. Many of these are associated with a graduate assistantship.
  • Graduate assistantships are offered to most students throughout their time on campus. These include a monthly stipend and tuition waiver and involve assisting with teaching, research, and clinical work.
  • Undergraduate teaching opportunities are available for those students interested in pursuing careers in academia.
  • Mentoring occurs every week in the form of research team meetings, clinical supervision and very regular contact with your instructors. We create an active learning environment where students are engaged in their educational pursuits both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Coursework is rigorous, of course, but is provided by instructors who are experts in their fields. Because the program is housed within the Department of Psychology, you will be exposed to social psychologists, developmental psychologists, etc. who will provide instruction in these core areas of psychology and are often involved in research and other graduate training activities.
  • Our internship placement rate is generally higher than the national average with most students being placed at one of the top ranked sites.