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COVID-19 Response

Message from the Vice President for Student Affairs - August 28, 2020, COVID-19 Update

Dear Students,  

As we head into the last week of all virtual classes, thank you for wearing face coverings/masks and observing physical distance. Seeing our students following our guidelines and helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 speaks to the character and integrity of our student body. When I see all of you doing your part to keep others healthy it makes me proud to be a Golden Eagle.

If you are a member of a student organization and have 3 or more members of your group to test positive, the Mississippi Department of Health will require all of your members who live together on campus to isolate. At Southern Miss, when an individual student or a student organization that resides on campus is asked to isolate we will discuss your isolation options with you which include going home, isolating in Hillcrest Residence Hall, and isolating in place if deemed safe and appropriate. Isolation lasts for a minimum of 14 days if you are negative and asymptomatic. If you are positive, isolation could last longer depending on your symptoms. Isolation is necessary to mitigate the spread but is definitely not fun. To avoid this and to help keep our community healthy and safe, I am asking you to remain vigilant, as individuals and student groups, in wearing face coverings/masks, adhering to physical distancing and washing your hands. We are working with the Mississippi State Department of Health staying abreast of the most current guidelines which update regularly as we continue to navigate college life during a pandemic. 

It is also important to note that these guidelines extend beyond the borders of our campuses and the public access parts of campus. To stay safe, you must continue the protocols anytime you are with people whether that is on campus, at a restaurant, a store, in your apartment, your residence hall room, your fraternity or sorority house, etc. COVID-19 knows no boundaries and does not allow us the opportunity to let our guard down. We must always be aware of the need to stay safe. 

While we hope everyone will respect and follow our community standards, there may be instances when students or student organizations disrupt these standards. If incidents occur which violate the Code of Student Conduct, swift action will be taken. Please adhere to state mandates, community standards and hold yourselves accountable for the health and safety of our community.

Remember there are ways to still be involved in campus life. Check out the First 30 Day Experience to earn prizes, learn about student organizations, and become familiar with programs created just for you.  

To summarize what we need you to continue to do to protect yourself and others and also to avoid isolation, please continue abiding by these guidelines: 

  • Wear face covering/mask, both on campus and off campus. 
  • Observe 6 feet of physical distance, both on campus and off campus.
  • Avoid parties and large gatherings, both on campus and off campus.
  • If you feel sick, contact Moffitt Health Center at 601-266-4205 for an appointment or your local primary care provider.

Let’s continue to head to the top together! 

Dee Dee Anderson, Vice President for Student Affairs