BFA Dance Performance and Choreography

About this Bachelor's Degree

This professional undergraduate degree prepares graduates to enter the profession as performers and/or choreographers. It is intended for students with prior dance training and experience and with potential and aptitude to progress to the advanced technical level and meet requirements for the BFA degree. The BFA degree at USM is built upon the idea of providing students with a range of appropriate skills and experiences that will enable the graduates to be successful artists in the field. As stated on the USM website: “The challenging and intensive four-year dance major program is grounded in a comprehensive curriculum of dance technique (ballet and modern), choreography and performance.” Students study dance from many additional perspectives, including historical, theoretical and cultural and are asked to integrate and synthesize their experiences in ways that are relevant to the field and meaningful to themselves.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

  • Students are able to articulate the dance experience and situate creative works by themselves and others in the larger field of dance both theoretically and aesthetically.  
  • Students apply broad knowledge and experiences to dance-making and demonstrate a developed sense of what constitutes a serious work of dance with coherent and embodied goals and ideas.
  • Graduates are prepared to successfully participate in the dance field as performers, choreographers, graduate students and/or scholars.
  • Students are able to perform 400-level (advanced level) exit competencies in dance technique. A minimum of two semesters of DAN 402 is required. A minimum of two semesters of DAN 401 is required.
  • Students display an integrated and comprehensive knowledge of the dance field -- historical, cultural, theoretical and aesthetic, practical and pedagogic.  

 Download the BFA Performance and Choreography Curriculum Guide (PDF) that shows all of the course work required for the degree.

Download the Time and Credit Hour Policy (PDF).