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Disability Accommodations

Academic Help & Tutoring

The University of Southern Mississippi has many opportunities available for students needing academic assistance or tutoring. Below is a list of academic help and tutoring resources for USM students regardless if they are registered with ODA or not. 

If you are an ODA student and would like assistance in finding a tutor or a specific resource with USM, please contact us via email at odaFREEMississippi or call 601.266.5024

Schedule a Tutoring Session Online

Make an appointment today online at for tutoring in chemistry, physics, math, speaking, writing, or many other subjects.

  • Chemistry and physics tutoring is offered from Graduate Assistants of those programs.
  • Math tutoring is offered through tutors employed at the Math Zone (for MAT 101 courses) and the Math Tutoring Center (for advanced math courses).
  • Speaking tutoring is offered from the Speaking Center run by the School of Communication.
  • Writing tutoring is offered from the Writing Center run by the English department within the School of Humanities.
  • The TRIO-Student Support Services program offers tutoring in most other subjects and coursed at USM.


Librarians at Cook Library in Hattiesburg, the Gulf Coast Library in Long Beach, and Gunter Library in Ocean Springs are happy to help you find any resources you need for research and studying.

Cook Library: 601.266.4249 or askalibFREEMississippi
Gulf Park Library: 228.214.3451 or askalibFREEMississippi
Gunter Library: 228.872.4213 or askalibFREEMississippi
Text-a-Librarian: 601.202.4662
Live Chat Online

Gulf Coast Academic Success Center

This center is located on the first floor of the Gulf Park Library (Gulf Park campus). They provide learning assistance, tutoring, and resources in areas of math, science, writing, speaking and language arts for students currently registered in USM courses on any USM campus. Come in for help via appointment, walk-in or online. For more information, please call 228.214.3346 or email academic.successFREEMississippi.

You may make an appointment online directly at for the center.

Writing Center

This center is a free service available to any student that wants assistance with a writing project. They offer one-on-one writing instruction that’s designed to help students become more effective writers. Tutorial service is offered on a walk-in basis and by appointment for 45 minutes to an hour per session. However, services do book up – so making an appointment is always a good idea, especially around midterms and finals. You can schedule an appointment for an online meeting at

Cook Library 112 (Hattiesburg campus): 601.266.4821
Academic Success Center, Gulf Park Library (Gulf Park campus): 228.214.3346
General Email Inquiries: writingcenterFREEMississippi

Speaking Center

This center has peer consultants who will help you advance your public speaking skills for speeches, presentations, job interviews, and other off-campus speaking engagements. These services are by appointment only; appointments are for up to 50 minutes. You can schedule an appointment for an online meeting at

Cook Library 112 (Hattiesburg campus): 601.266.4965
Academic Success Center, Gulf Park Library (Gulf Park campus): 228.214.3346
General Email Inquiries: speakingcenterFREEMississippi 

Student Support Services Program

The mission of this program is to provide academic assistance, personal and academic counseling, and individual support to eligible undergraduate students. Scholars enrolled in this program have exclusive access to individual and group tutoring, educational workshops, and a stimulating climate that will aid in holistic development and success of each enrolled scholar.

To enroll, please contact 601.266.6910 or visit them online at Their application process may now be completed online at they have tutor scheduling through the

Group for Organizational and Learning Skills (GOALS) Program

Trouble with Schoolwork? The GOALS program, supported by the USM Behavioral Health Clinic, is a program to teach time management, organizational, planning, note-taking, and studying skills. The program includes a pre-program assessment and 9 group sessions at no cost. A student who participates in all sessions will be eligible for gift cards worth a total of $60. For more information, please contact Fayth Walbridge at fayth.walbridgeFREEMississippi

Math Zone

This Math Zone is located across from Cook Library and offers walk-in F2F tutoring for MAT 101 courses during the following hours…

Monday: 2:30 pm to 5:15 pm
Tuesday: 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Thursday: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

No appointment is necessary and one-on-one tutoring is available. For more information, please call 601.266.5824 or email mathzoneFREEMississippi.

If you wish for a longer session or would prefer to meet with someone online for tutoring, you can schedule an appointment at

Math Tutoring Center

This center offers online tutoring for math course more advanced than MAT 101. This includes algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

Tutoring sessions are available by appointment only at

History Lab

The History Lab is a resource available through the School of Humanities History department to assist undergraduates in HIS 101 and HIS 102 courses. They offer assistance with note-taking, study skills, exam preparation, and historical writing skills.

They are open for online session Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Students may make an appointment online at For more information contact them directly at historylabFREEMississippi

Biological Sciences Learning Center

The Department of Biological Sciences offers to tutor for students enrolled in Biological Science courses. You can sign up for an online session at Biology Online Tutoring For more information, please contact Emily Clark at 601.266.4748 or Emily.S.ClarkFREEMississippi

Chemistry Tutorial Center

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers tutoring online by appointment through For more information, please call 601.266.4934

Physics and Astronomy Tutoring

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers tutoring online by appointment through For more information, contact the department directly at 601.266.4934

Anthropology Tutoring

Tutoring is available for ANT 101 through the School of Social Science and Global Studies via an online session. To schedule a tutor, please just contact Bridget Hayden via email at Bridget.HaydenFREEMississippi

Foreign Language Tutoring

Free language tutoring is available for French, German and Spanish the School of Social Science and Global Studies via an online session in Microsoft Teams. For tutoring scheduling or to check availability, please contact Meghan Hamorsky at meghan.hamoskyFREEMississippi

College of Business and Economic Development (CBE) Tutoring Services

Free tutoring is available by appointment F2F or online in Scianna Hall (Hattiesburg) or the North Academic Building (Gulf Park). For more detailed information, please check out them out online at

Accounting Lab Tutoring

Accounting tutoring by appointment is available online from the School of Accountancy. For more information or to setup an appointment, please ask your accounting (ACC) professor or call 601.266.5162. You may email Abigail Anderson at abigail.andersonFREEMississippi or Katelyn Niemeyer at katelyn.niemeyerFREEMississippi to set up an appointment.

Finance Lab Tutoring

Finance tutoring is available F2F at the Scianna Hall Finance Lab from the School of Finance. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Heather Sison at h.l.adamsFREEMississippi or call 228.214.3496. There hours are available at

Marketing Tutoring

Marketing Tutoring is available by appointment only. Please contact Jayme Foster at jamye.fosterFREEMississippi for assistance. 

Research (REF) and Psychology Statistics (PSY) Tutoring Center

The Psychology Department runs this center for free for students in REF or PSY statistics courses. It is located in Owings-McQuagge Hall 134. For more information or to setup an online tutoring session, please email Kelsey Drea at kelsey.dreaFREEMississippi

Construction Tutoring

The School of Construction has tutoring available online through Zoom for their AEC 234 course. Please contact Holland Meier at Holland.MeierFREEMississippi to schedule tutoring. For more information, please call 601.266.4895

Computer Science Tutoring

The School of Computer Sciences and Computer Engineering is offering online tutoring on Thursdays starting at 6pm. Tutoring will be offered for CSC 101, 102 and 307. Tutoring sessions are through Zoom ( For more information call 601.266.4949 or email computingFREEMississippi

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