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Disability Accommodations

Course Materials Access

To comply with disability laws that mandate equal access for students with disabilities, the University and instructors are required to make all course materials accessible. This includes textbooks, articles, videos, exams, MS PowerPoints or other forms of classroom presentations and materials posted on the Web. Even if a class is not fully online, it is important to ensure that materials are available in formats that can be used by persons with disabilities. Guidance for ensuring access when using specific formats is available at the following links:

The adjustments needed to make the materials accessible will depend on the nature of a student’s disability. For guidance in determining how to ensure that all teaching materials are accessible, call ODA at 601.266.5024 (Hattiesburg) or at odaFREEMississippi.

Textbooks and Reading Materials

Instructors or their academic departments are expected to provide advance notice of their course textbooks and readings so ODA will have sufficient time to convert all materials into a usable format. These document conversion processes are time-consuming and usually involve communication with textbook publishers and others. Therefore, if ODA does not have this information in a timely manner, then the student with a disability will not have the needed course materials at the start of the semester as other students would. For more information on ODA’s Document Conversion services for students with disabilities, please call the ODA Technology Specialist at 601.266.5024 or at odaFREEMississippi.

Course Handouts, Exams, Syllabi

Instructors needing assistance to ensure that all handouts, syllabi, or exams are accessible (enlarged, e-text, braille, etc.) should contact ODA ahead of time at 601.266.5024 or at odaFREEMississippi.

Multimedia Presentations

When using multimedia presentations (videos, video clips, audio tracks), please follow these guidelines:

  • Multimedia presentations must have synchronized captioning or synchronized transcripts readily available.
  • Audio presentations must have transcripts readily available.
  • Audio tracks explaining important visual information must be readily available for multimedia presentations.

Web Access Statements

On all websites or Web pages, a statement should be added about who about who to contact if one experiences difficulty accessing any part of a website or Web page because of a disability. Below is an example.

"If you have difficulty accessing any portions of this website with adaptive technology or because of a disability, please contact John Doe at 601.123.4567 or"

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