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Disability Accommodations

Note-taker Volunteering


Why should you volunteer?  

  • Opportunity to help other students in need of assistance

  • Receive Credit for Volunteer Hours. You will receive credit for each hour of class you note-take, so you can typically earn from 40 to 60 hours a semester

  • Build a report and relationship with professors you agree to volunteer note-take with

How to become a volunteer? 

  • Most professors will ask for volunteers for students that have a note-taker accommodation. You may see these notifications via your student email ( or Canvas or mentioned by your professor in class. If you wish to volunteer and your professor has not asked, just reach out to your professor during their office hours or via email to inquire if they need a volunteer note-taker for their class. 

  • If you have been asked to become volunteer note-taker, please complete our Online Application for Volunteer Note-takers. For instructions on completing this application, please see Instructions for Online Volunteer Note-taker Application (PDF). 

How are notes submitted?

  • Unless instructed otherwise by your professor or ODA staff please upload your notes by signing into myODA, which you will have access to after you complete the Online Application for Volunteer Note-takers. Once a class is assigned to you by ODA staff, you may upload your notes to this site throughout the semester. The student who needs them will receive an email notification each time you upload notes to the site. 

  • If you experience technical difficulty uploading your notes to myODA, please contact ODA at or 601.266.5024.

What are my responsibilities as a volunteer? 

  • Upload clear and concise notes weekly. NOT just before a quiz or test for the class or when prompted. 

  • If hand-writing notes, they should be written clearly and in blue or black ink. When uploaded, they should still be easy to read. 

  • Any note-taker that is found to be continuously late or completely fails to submit their notes, will NOT be rewarded volunteer hours. 

How do I receive my community service hours? 

  • At the end of the semester, please contact us for your community service hours. 
  • You will receive an official letter from our office that outlines the number of hours you completed as a volunteer note-taker. The USM Center for Community Engagement can process these letters if need be. 
  • Hours are determined by calculating the number of hours the class was in session.
  • If you did not sign up via our website, we will need to confirm with your professor that you took notes. 

Note-taking Tips (PDF) 


You may REVIEW our Frequently Asked Questions for Students or CONTACT US at odaFREEMississippi or 601.266.5024. 

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