ATEAMM Overview


Advocacy Training Education Advocacy Movement Mississippi

The goal of Advocacy TEAM (Training, Education and Advocacy Movement) Mississippi is to increase the number of youth and young adult self-advocates with disabilities.

To accomplish this goal, Advocacy TEAM Mississippi continues to support the Mississippi Self-Advocacy Team and provided statewide self-advocacy training. 

Through a partnership  with the National Youth Leadership Network, Mississippi self-advocates will provide self-advocacy training and coordinate youth summits in the south, central and north Mississippi areas. All training is individualized and is targeted for secondary and postsecondary schools. 



According to the Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) national self-advocacy organization . . . 

Self-advocacy is about independent groups of people with disabilities working together for justice by helping each other take charge of our lives and fight discrimination. It teaches us how to make decisions and choices that affect our lives so we can be more independent. It also teaches us about our rights, but along with learning about our rights we learn responsibilities. The way we learn about advocating for ourselves is by supporting each other and helping each other gain confidence in ourselves so we can speak out for what we believe in.