Community Service Overview


Through technical assistance, training and direct service and volunteer opportunities, the Institute for Disability Studies  reaches out to many factions in the community— families/self-advocates, educators, policy makers, the business community and the general public —to ensure individuals with disabilities have community inclusion opportunities.

Chit Chat Thursday with Taylor, hosted by Self-Advocacy Taylor Carley, is a monthly video series highlighting self-advocacy activities, services and successes in Mississippi.  Each video explores a new topic with a featured guest on the topic.  

Training, Resources and Information for the Advancement of Disability (TRIAD) Service AmeriCorps Program – promotes inclusive  service  on assisting students with disabilities in the transition to adulthood including national service, employment, postsecondary education, adult healthcare services and more. 


Advocacy TEAM (Training, Education and Advocacy Movement) Mississippi – ARCHIVED Program - focused on increasing the number of youth and young adult self-advocates with disabilities through further development of the Mississippi Self-Advocacy Team, self-advocacy training in the south, central and north Mississippi areas and a statewide youth and young adult summit.

Disability Awareness Webinar/Bolt of Lightning -ARCHIVED Program - informed media professionals on best practices for writing and reporting about people with disabilities and the use of People First Language.

 Giving Individuals with disabilities Volunteer Experience (GIVE) Back – ARCHIVED Program -focused on two priority areas of improving recruitment efforts targeting people with disabilities in Mississippi to boost overall enrollment in national service and outreach/engagement in economically distressed areas. The GIVE Back project promoted national service for everyone and was instrumental in the development of the inclusive TRIAD Service AmeriCorps Program.