Halting Abuse of Vulnerable Adults Education Network

This is an archived program and therefore, may not contain current information.

Through Project HAVEN, the Institute for Disability Studies has formed a consortium with the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities, and the Mississippi Attorney General's Office to

  • provide on-site training and consultation statewide to law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges in recognizing, addressing, investigating, and prosecuting domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, and neglect of adults with disabilities and the elderly
  • disseminate up-to-date resource materials related to abuse and sexual assault of adults with disabilities, including older adults, to front-lines police officers, trainees at the training academies, prosecutors, court officials, and university criminal justice programs
  • develop and continually update a Project HAVEN Web page with FAQ's, a calendar of events, and links to online training modules and resources
  • plan and hold an annual conference that focuses on promising practices in response to abuse and violence against individuals with disabilities and the elderly

All consortium agencies have committed key personnel representing their most experienced and knowledgeable staff to provide high quality training to law enforcement training academies, prosecutors, and judges.

Project HAVEN provides training to the Attorney General's Office and the Mississippi Judicial College as well as annual conferences sponsored by other organizations and projects.

Domestic violence and sexual assault affects victims of all ages, but individuals with disabilities and older individuals who are victims of crime can face additional challenges in receiving the necessary services.

As victims of abuse, people with disabilities and the elderly can be physically and socially isolated, or they may be dependent on their abusers with no option to move or end the abusive relationship.

Law enforcement officers assisting individual with disabilities or the elderly who are victims of crime can feel inadequate when trying to provide the necessary help. It is critical for those in the criminal justice system to recognize the indicators that an individual with disabilities or an older individual is being abused.

Training is the key to better assisting the people with disabilities and the elderly who have become victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Project HAVEN provides training and consultation to law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges on abuse, neglect, and violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault. 


Domestic Violence and Women with Disabilities (pdf) includes:

Types of violence
Reasons for not seeking help
Barriers to women with disabilities
Where to get hlep

Domestic Elder Abuse (pdf) includes:

Definitions of elder abuse and
Signs and symptoms of various types of abuse and neglect

Sexual Assault and Women with Disabilities (pdf) includes:

What Is Sexual Assault?
Who Assaults?
General Tips on Responding to Crime Victims Who Have a Disability