Health Literacy Guides

Kindergarten Health Literacy Guide


The initial exposure for students in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is in kindergarten.

1st Grade Health Literacy Guide


The relationship between personal health behaviors and individual well being is the focus of first grade.

2nd Grade Health Literacy Guide


Second grade focuses on teaching students how physical, social and emotional well-being influences personal health and how to identify common health problems that should be detected and treated early.

3rd Grade Health Literacy Guide


Students gain an understanding of how family influences personal health and are introduced to childhood illnesses or injuries and how they can be prevented.

4th Grade Health Literacy Guide

4th_grade (large 18MB pdf)

Fourth grade students learn to identify indicators of mental, social and physical health and are exposed to role-playing in various settings.
5th Grade Health Literacy Guide


Teachers reinforce the relationship between positive health behaviors and the prevention of injury, illness, disease and premature death.