Housing Assistance Program

The Housing Assistance (HHAP) Program will assist 12 low to moderate income households, with priority given to developmental disability households, seeking mortgage delinquency assistance, rental assistance and/or accessibility modification.

Project Name: HOYO Housing Assistance Program (HHAP)

Source of Funds: Mississippi Council on Developmental Disabilities (MSCDD)

Funds Available: Agency provides limited Mortgage Delinquency Prevention, Eviction Prevention and Accessibility/Home Preservation

Start Date: July 1, 2018


Project Goals:

a.            All Households will receive individualized budget and credit counseling.

b.            Participants will be provided the opportunity to improve money management skills, increase accessibility and obtain information to ensure the success of individual independence.

c.             IDS will coordinate additional resources and services, as needed, by participants.

d.            Households identified to receive Mortgage Assistance will receive Mortgage Delinquency Prevention resources.

e.            Households identified to receive Rental Assistance will receive Rental Counseling and Eviction Prevention resources.

f.              Households identified to receive Rehab Modification will receive Housing Maintenance Education and awareness of possible community resources available.

Contact Info: 

Institute for Disability Studies (IDS) at The University of Southern Mississippi. Toll-free 1.866.883.4474 or 601.266.5163

www.usm.edu/disability-studies; Counselors: Heather Steele or Cassie Hicks