HowTo - Backup Your Data

USM will install a program that will back up all your MyDocuments Data automatically.  The program is called Copiun.  You can request installation from iTech.


Here are the instructions for backing up your data without Copiun.  If you save all of your documents under [My Documents] it makes it pretty easy to back-up.  The other major piece to back-up would be your email.  If you have a thumb drive (jump drive, or flash drive) big enough, I’d recommend that method.  The jump drive should be a 2Gig or above.

Here’s the general steps using a jump drive:

  1. Right-click on [Start] and select [Explorer]
  2. Plug in the jump drive
  3. Notice the drive letter of the jump drive
  4. Click on the jump drive letter to open it
  5. [File, New, Folder] then name a new directory for your backup on the jump drive.  I’d suggest using a date to ID the date you made the back-up.
  6. Left-click on [My Documents]; a list of folders and files will appear in the right pane.
  7. Hold down [Ctrl] and drag and drop the folders/files you want to save to your new directory on your jump drive.
  8. To backup your email:
    1. Still in Explorer, drill down to the following file and drag and drop it onto the jump drive as well:  c:\Documents and Settings\heather\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst
    2. If there is still room on the jump drive, drag and drop archive.pst, and Outlook.ost files as well.
  9. Yank out the jump drive and put it someplace safe; you’re done.