HowTo - Travel Reimbursement Calculator


IDS will pay for the most cost effective method for you to travel in conjuction with accomplishing your job.  In most circumstances, unless the mileage to and from your destination is low, it is cheaper on IDS for you to rent a vehicle and to reimburse you for the gas you use.  

However, if you decide to take your own vehicle, IDS will reimburse you what it would have cost IDS for the rental and the fuel.  Please use this calculator from the West Virginia Office of Fleet Management.  If you decide to take your own vehicle, print the resulting page and attach it to your travel voucher.

Tip: To print a web page, right-click on an open spot anywhere on the page and left-click on print.


Here's some information you'll need for the calculator:

The current personal rate is:  $0.565

Typical Rental Rates:

Sub-Compact $34.00
Compact $34.00
Intermediate $34.00
Full Size $43.00
Luxury $75.00
Medium-Size Sport Utility $63.00
Mini-Van $63.00
Compact $34.00
Intermediate $34.00
Full Size $44.00
Luxury $70.00
Medium-Size Sport Utility $55.00
Mini-Van $58.00


Expected MPG for each vehicle. 

USM's official mileage page.




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