MECIC Special Needs Infant - Toddler Credential

Mississippi Early Childhood Inclusion Center

The credential is a 40 hour certificate program for childcare directors and early childhood educators that includes didactic trainings, self-directed learning activities and on-site mentoring.

Infant and Toddler Credential

The Special Needs Infant and Toddler Credential consists of 6 didactic training modules (18 clock hours) to include:

  • Module 1: Early Identification: A Framework for Screening, Referrals, and Parent Engagement
  • Module 2: Early Inclusion: A Framework for Infant and Toddler Inclusion
  • Module 3: Early Learning: A Framework for Program Planning
  • Module 4: Early Language: A Framework for Enhancing Language and Literacy
  • Module 5: Early Intervention: A Framework for Advancing Cognition and Motor Development
  • Module 6: Early Well-Being: A Framework for Social and Emotional Development

The Division for Early Childhood and the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s policy statement on early childhood inclusion is the foundation for the Special Needs Infant and Toddler Credential.  The joint position statement highlights the defining features of high quality early inclusion as: access, participation, and support.  The infant and toddler credential will support early caregivers in providing access of a wide range of early learning experiences for all infants and toddlers, including those with special needs.  Participation will be addressed by teaching early caregivers how to engage children with and without disabilities to advance development across domains.  Lastly, early caregivers will learn how to identify supports for infants, toddlers, and their families.  An early inclusion self-assessment will be used to measure teachers’ growth and understanding of how to provide high quality early childhood inclusion.