MECIC Special Needs Preschool Credential

Mississippi Early Childhood Inclusion Center

The credential is a 40 hour certificate program for childcare directors and early childhood educators that includes didactic trainings, self-directed learning activities and on-site mentoring.

Preschool Credential

The Special Needs Preschool Credential consists of 6 didactic training modules (18 clock hours) to include:

  • Module 1: Support ME: A Framework for Screening, Referrals, and Parent Engagement
  • Module 2: Include ME: A Framework for Early Childhood Inclusion
  • Module 3: Reach ME: A Framework for Program Planning
  • Module 4: Teach ME: A Framework for Advancing Pre-Academic Development
  • Module 5: Prepare ME: A Framework for Advancing Developmental Milestones
  • Module 6: Engage ME: A Framework for Behavior Management

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is the foundation for the Special Needs Preschool Credential.  UDL provides a framework for enhanced learning across a diverse group of learners and promotes equal access and participation for ALL children in classroom learning opportunities and activities, especially children with special needs.  The three principles of UDL ensures multiple means of representation of learning concepts and skills utilizing a variety of modalities; multiple means of action and expression for supporting understanding, and classroom adaptations for full engagement in the learning environment. Additionally, the preschool credential is aligned with the Division for Early Childhood Initial Professional Preparation Standards.  The UDL foundation and the variety of standards that are addressed in each module ensures participants have a deeper understanding of how to implement high quality early childhood inclusion practices in a preschool environment. The 40-hour certificate program is divided into three components: didactic training, self-directed learning activities, and on-site mentoring/coaching.  Early childhood classrooms are assessed using the Inclusion Classroom Profile (ICP) at the beginning and end of each credential to measure teachers’ growth and understanding of how to provide high quality early childhood inclusion.