MECIC Technical Assistance

Mississippi Early Childhood Inclusion Center

Technical Assistance is the cornerstone of the MECIC.  Utilizing the Institute for Disability Studies’ toll free number, 1-888-671-0051, early childhood educators, families, agencies, and stakeholders can easily request on-site assistance as needed.  Technical assistance is designed to meet the need of the individual; the MECIC team employs highly qualified personnel who can provide quality technical assistance and support. Early childhood educators who seek technical assistance will be provided 2 contact hours per lesson. Lessons are developed annually.

  • Sample technical assistance lessons include:
  • Supporting Engagement of Children with Special Needs
  • Documenting and Communicating Concerns with Families
  • Addressing Positive Behavior Supports
  • Meeting Sensory Needs of Students with Autism
  • Increasing Language and Communication for Children with Special Needs
  • Adapting Curriculum to Support Successful Inclusion of Young Children with Special Needs
  • Modifying the Physical Environment to Include Young Children with Special Needs