Staff Spotlight Sylvester Crosby

Sylvester Crosby



Check out Sylvester's latest interview about Wheelchair Sports with WDAM.





What is your hometown and educational background?

My home town is Hattiesburg, where I graduated from Hattiesburg High School in 1993.  I have taken courses at William Carey and am currently working on my bachelor’s degree at The University of Southern Mississippi.


How long have you been at IDS?

I’ve been a part of IDS for three years, but have been around for almost four years.  I worked as a job coach for Project Search for a year before I officially started working for IDS.        


What is your role at IDS?

I have many roles at IDS but my most important role is being the program specialist for AmeriCorps and working with the young adults with and without disabilities to promote volunteer service.    


What is an accomplishment you have made in your role?

Nothing beats having parents email you and tell you how much they appreciate what you do with their child and seeing the smiles on the young adults’ faces when they come to do service every day.


What is your favorite aspect of working in a university environment at IDS? 

Being in a professional environment, working with students, and having a close bond with co-workers.


If you were not working here at IDS, what would you be doing and why?

If I weren’t at IDS I would probably be doing some type of hard labor job. I’ve always been a hands on/physical person and never thought I would be working in an office.


What little known fact would people find surprising about you?

People would probably find it surprising that I have a disability.  Almost five years ago, I broke my ankle so badly that I had to leave my job because the residual swelling prevented me from wearing the appropriate safety gear.  The compound fracture on my right ankle prevents me from playing any stand up sports and, as a result, I was introduced to wheelchair sports through IDS. Now I play wheelchair tennis, softball and basketball.


Do you have any last words or advice for others at IDS?

Follow your passion and never give up! Behind all the pain we may feel there is pleasure in the work we do from the smiles that we receive!


Here's some photos of Sylvester in action on the Tennis Court where he won a tournament. 


 Sylvester with his doubles partnerSylvester Crosby playing wheelchair tennis 
 Sylvester Crosby playing wheelchair tennis Sylvester Crosby with his winning partner