STEP Spotlight Cole Stanberry

Cole Stanberry





Tell us about yourself and where you come from?

My name is Cole Stanberry.  I am 21-years-old, and I was born in Hattiesburg. 


Tell us your future goals?

My future goals are to live on my own and have a good job.


What was your experience being a part of IDS when you started to volunteer?

It was scary at first, as I did not know anyone at IDS.  I started participating and soon had new friends and having so much fun. 


What was your experience with TRIAD Service AmeriCorps?

I have not volunteered or been involved with service before, so it was scary to me.  Once I got out into the community, I enjoyed it.  I gained confidence, and I am now able to talk to anyone. 


You have served as a leader in the TRIAD Service AmeriCorps Program and the STEP UP Council.  How has that been?

It has been fun, and I hope that I continue to do these things in the future. 


As you are an officer of the STEP UP Advisory Council, tell us about your future plans for the Council.

My plans for STEP UP are to have fun and get more people involved. 


What have you learned from being a part of IDS and how it has improved your experience in the world of disability?

To be honest, I have learned that my disabilities are an ABILITY for me to help others.   


What advice would you give to others who would be interested in being a part of IDS?

Do not think your disabilities limit you.  All it takes is effort and a great circle of supporters and friends for you to succeed.