Tobacco Control Strategies For Mississippians with Disabilities

Tobacco Control Strategies For Mississippians with Disabilities



A 2007 report released by the Centers for Disease Control suggested the smoking prevalence among people with disabilities in the U.S. is almost 50% higher than for people without disabilities.  Approximately one in five (19.8%) Americans without a disability is a smoker, while one in three (29.9%) with a disability smokes.


In Mississippi, approximately 23.1% of people without disabilities are smokers, while 28.7% of people with disabilities smoke.  Why do people with disabilities in Mississippi smoke or use other tobacco products?  Do they know about and try to access available tobacco cessation resources and programs?  What barriers prevent people with disabilities from accessing tobacco cessation programs?  What would make people with disabilities think about quitting smoking or using tobacco? 



The Tobacco Control Strategies (TCS) for Mississippians with Disabilities project at the Institute for Disability Studies (IDS) at The University of Southern Mississippi has been working to answer these questions and others to better understand why a larger percentage of Mississippians with disabilities smoke or use tobacco and why these individuals may not be receiving tobacco cessation information and accessing tobacco cessation resources.  To date, TCS research efforts have focused on gaining a better understanding of tobacco usage among members of the general disability community and mental and behavioral health consumers.  We are currently collecting data from rehabilitation services consumers.  As we learn more about the smoking habits of Mississippians with disabilities, TCS staff are working to develop tailored strategies, programs, and materials to help improve access to tobacco cessation resources and reduce smoking and tobacco use among these individuals.

 Top Reasons for Smoking, relax, can't quit, boredom, socializing, drinking


Top Barriers to Participating in Tobacco Cessation, don't want to quit, transprt


Top Reasons to Consider Quitting, illness, cost, love, family death, family sick



Tobacco Control Strategies for Mississippians with Disabilities is a project funded by the Office of Tobacco Control at the Mississippi State Department of Health.