ToTAL Overview

 Transition of Teens to Adult Life


The Transition of Teens to Adult Life (ToTAL) program was established to assist with the pre-employment needs of youth and young adults with disabilities ages 14-21.  Through the creation of a center located on the Hattiesburg Campus of The University of Southern Mississippi, ToTAL serves as a counseling, work-based training and internship site. A total of 300 students with disabilities will participate in job exploration counseling and workforce readiness training with 30 of these students having a paid internship experience.  These services include:

  • Job Exploration Counseling: Provided through weekly training and participants learn about various career opportunities based on their interests and strengths.
  • Workforce Readiness Training: Provided through community based events and school/university-based transition events.
  • Work Experiences/Internships: Provided through community-based employment experiences that extend beyond the classroom/training setting and based on each participant’s interests and strengths.


ToTAL Students at WorkToTAL Students at Work ToTAL Students at Work 


Work based experiences are offered on the campus of USM at places such as The Payne Center, The Institute for Disability Studies, and the Fresh Food Company.




 ToTAL Students at Work

  ToTAL Students at Work  ToTAL Students at Work


Work based experiences are offered in the Community of Hattiesburg at places such as Heritage, the Shoe Repair Store, and Breadsmith.