TRIAD (Archived)

This is an archived program and therefore, may not contain current information.

Project TRIAD implements a Youth Information, Training and Resource Center to assist unserved and underserved youth who are transitioning from school to adult life. The focus of the project is access to postsecondary training opportunities for academic and leadership development skills needed for employment, self-determination, community engagement and leadership.

Project TRIAD provides technical assistance and training for disability support services staff and career counselors from high schools in the fifteen South Mississippi counties, Pearl River Community College, Jones County Junior College and The University of Southern Mississippi. A Consumer Advisory Council provides input into all activities of the center and to monitor center outcomes.


Goal 1 - Increase the numbers of students with disabilities in the 15-county area who elect to graduate with a standard high school diploma and pursue postsecondary education opportunities.

Goal 2 - Increase the numbers of students in postsecondary education, both enrollees and graduates, with the self-determination and leadership skills necessary to obtain gainful employment and engage in leadership activities within their communities.

Project TRIAD will provide information, training and resources to youth and their families and secondary and postsecondary personnel to address the following barriers:

  • Meeting postsecondary entrance requirements
  • Exercising self-determination and self-advocacy skills
  • Getting needed supports
  • Accessing technology
  • Accessing information and experiences

Funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (Grant # 90DN0228).