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Diversity and Inclusion


Centers and Minors

USM is home to the multiple interdisciplinary centers, most with affiliated minors, that focus on issues related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. 

Center for American Indian
Research and Studies

American Indian Research & Studies

American Indian Studies minor

In American Indian Studies students learn about the contributions and perspectives of the indigenous peoples of the Americas from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Center for Black Studies

Photos of first African-American students enrolled at the University

Black Studies minor

Black Studies allows students to explore a wide range of topics related to the experiences of African Americans and of people throughout the Black Diaspora.


Center for Human Rights
& Civil Liberties

Photo of Black Lives Matter Protest

Human Rights minor

Explore the interdisciplinary field of human rights, which draws theoretical and practical approaches for understanding the economic, cultural, political, philosophical, and representational dynamics of human rights issues in today‚Äôs society.  

Women & Gender Studies

Photo of Woman holding poster that states "Women's Rights are Human Rights"

Women and Gender Studies minor

Women's and Gender Studies minor is an interdisciplinary field that draws ideas, information, and methods from many traditional academic disciplines to explore the important role of gender throughout society. 


Center for Oral History
& Cultural Heritage

Photo of Windsor Ruins

The Center has collected and preserved the stories of Mississippians from all walks of life. Oral History collection topics include Ethnic Groups in Mississippi, Civil Rights Movement, and Gay and Lesbian Life.


Study Abroad

Would you like to travel to another country and learn about other cultures? Study Abroad allows you to do it while taking classes and receiving USM credit. 

Study Abroad


Southern Miss offers opportunities for studying and travel in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Peru, South Korea, Ireland, Cuba, France, Spain, Japan, and more.

Office of Study AbroadActive Programs




What's the difference between having diversity and being inclusive? How can we learn more about other people and cultures around the world? Why and how is society unequal in terms of race, gender, class, and sexuality? What can we do to improve social justice?

If you have wondered about questions like these, you may be interested in taking one of the many courses offered at USM that directly address these topics such as these.

View some of USM's many diversity-related courses


Freedom 50 Research Group

Our faculty engage in research that enhances the cultural diversity of our University and education offerings. 

Search the USM faculty directory for specific research topics