Full-time Enrollment Services

Teachers helps student with pencil hold and writingThe enrollment program serves 80 students each year. Students range in age from three to 13 years and have a variety of severe language-speech disorders, including the written language disorder of dyslexia, and/or hearing impairments. Students may enter the full time program between the ages of three and nine.

Approximately 80-100 students are on the waiting list at any given time.

  • The DuBard School works with school districts and parents to design an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to meet comprehensive needs. Through collaborative efforts with area school districts, the DuBard School provides an option for services as stipulated under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

  • Students are placed in non-graded classes based on their readiness for the DuBard Association Method®. They progress through the curriculum at their own pace.

  • Classrooms are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of students and provide an effective instructional setting. Each classroom has an observation room for use by parents or university students. Acoustic treatment minimizes auditory distractions.

  • Because the DuBard Association Method® is a multisensory approach, writing is a large component of the method. Classrooms are equipped with multiple chalk boards to accommodate small group work at the board.

  • Each class has a maximum of 10 students and is served by a speech-language pathologist, most of whom are also certified academic language therapists (CALTs), and a teacher assistant.

  • Students work to master the DuBard Association Method® curriculum building from single phonemes (sounds) to creating complex sentences, paragraphs and questions.

  • Math, science and social studies also are addressed through the techniques of the DuBard Association Method®.

  • Students’ progress is noted on the Individual Education Plan (IEP), semi-annual progress reports, and through comprehensive annual testing.

  • Students remain in the program until they have achieved the oral communication and academic skills necessary to be independent and successful in a general education school environment or until other educational services are needed.
  • All instructional staff are extensively trained in the DuBard Association Method®. The faculty and staff consist of nationally certified speech-language pathologists, certified teachers of the deaf, special educators and teaching assistants. The administrative staff includes a development coordinator, finance and human resource coordinator, communications coordinator, assistant for operations and community relations, a data entry specialist, and a business and admissions assistant.

  • The curriculum is appropriate for children whose primary disability is an oral or written language disorder, a speech disorder, a hearing disorder, or a combination of conditions. The school is unable to meet the needs of some children due to their age or special needs.

Current full-time enrollment parents:

Click here to download the 2017-18 Parent/Student Handbook (pdf). The password to open the PDF was included in the packet of information sent home with students the first day of school. 

To view this PDF, you will need a version of Abobe Acrobat. You can download the Adobe Reader online for free at this link.