Therapy Materials

The DuBard School for Language Disorders has developed a collection of materials over recent years. These materials are intended to be used in conjunction with the DuBard Association Method® by those who have had professional preparation to do so. The materials are designed to be used as supplemental material within an individually designed, multisensory teaching session and not as a total remediation plan. The trained professional may adapt these materials to meet the needs of a client.


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  • Language Enhancement and Achievement Program Cover for students with dyslexiaLanguage Enhancement and Achievement Program (LEAP) Module 1 - Version 1.0 and 1.5
    LEAP is a modified DuBard Association Method® curriculum designed for students with challenges in reading, spelling and/or written language (dyslexia), or who exhibit difficulty rhyming, sounding out words, and blending sounds into words. This product is sold digitally on a disc, and includes fillable and printable PDFs of the Therapist/Teacher Manual, Curriculum, PowerPoints for Introduction of New Material, Lesson Plans, Student Book Pages and all Forms/Tests.
    ISBN: 978-09834293-6-4 | Price: $299.95
    Click here to view the brochure with sample pages (PDF)
  • LEAP Module 1 Manuscript Cards
    352 Color-coded cards aligned with the order of instruction for LEAP Module 1 Versions 1.0 and 1.5
    ISBN: 978-09834293-5-7 | Price: $79.95
    Click here to view a sample. (PDF)

  • LEAP Module 1 Complete Instructional Set
    This set includes the LEAP Module 1 Disc as well as LEAP Module 1 Manuscript Cards, DuBard Association Method® Drop Drill Flip Book, DuBard Association Method® Drop Drill Practice Pages and a DVD of the Oral and Written Production of Northampton Symbols. If purchased separately, all items would cost $474.80.
    ISBN: 978-09834293-7-1 | Price: $425.95


  • Oral and Written Communication Disorders, Maureen Martin 2012Textbook: Oral and Written Communication Disorders (Martin, 2012)
    Oral and Written Communication Disorders is a revised and expanded version of Teaching Language-Deficient Children (1994, 1997, 2000) co-authored by school founder, Dr. Etoile DuBard, and Dr. Maureen Martin.
    ISBN: 978-09834293-3-3 | Price: $96
    Click here to read the foreword and introduction (PDF)
  • DuBard Association Method® Manuscript Cards
    295 phoneme, drop drill and word cards
    ISBN: 978-09834293-2-6 | Price: $70.95
    Cick here to view a sample.
  • DuBard Association Method® Noun Picture Cards
    191 4-color cards available in two sizes -  4" x 6" for individual or small group instruction, and 8.5" x 11" for large group instruction
    ISBN: 978-09834293-4-0 | Price: $89.95 or $107.95
    Click here to view a sample. (PDF)
    Association Method Noun Picture Vocabulary Stickers 
  • Noun Picture Vocabulary Stickers
    Save time and effort in creating your student's books with these 193 stickers of images of commonly taught words
    ISBN: 978-09834293-0-2 | Price: $19.95
    Click here to view a sample.
  • Drop Drill Flip Book 
    Quickly create and practice a variety of nonsense words using Northampton symbols in this easy to use flip book format.
    ISBN: 978-08388233-6-1 | Price: $32.95
    Click here to view a sample.
  • Drop Drill Practice Pages 
    In book format, these pages include two-phoneme and three-phoneme combination nonsense words using primary and secondary Northampton symbols.
    ISBN: 978-09834293-1-9 | Price: $29.95
    Click here to view a sample. (PDF)


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Available directly from the DuBard School

  • DuBard Association Method® Curriculum Checklist (available to schools)

  • DuBard Association Method® IEP checklist - Revised (available to schools)