Who delivers service in the DuBard Association Method®?

SLP shows book to studentsThe effective implementation of the Method is solely dependent on the skills of the person using it. A minimum of a three-semester hour course, or the equivalent, is recommended for initial preparation. Additional practicum experience and advanced training are recommended.



  • In addition, appropriate professional preparation related to the particular disorder to be remediated is important. For example, a background in speech-language pathology is needed for one who is implementing the DuBard Association Method® with a child who has a severe language disorder or apraxia. A background in education of the hearing impaired is useful for implementation with children with hearing loss.
  • Professional preparation in learning disabilities/dyslexia is a useful component to those who are implementing the DuBard Association Method® for those challenges. Personnel with elementary education backgrounds may implement a modified version of the method effectively in general education classrooms.