Placement Procedures


The teacher candidacy experience consists of two separate six-hour courses.  Each six-hour course represents a student teaching placement in a K-12 school.  A University Supervisor and a Cooperating Teacher are assigned to each candidate for each course.  Educational Field Experiences strives to place students within a 60-mile radius from campus.  Requests for placements beyond the 60-mile radius are considered by the Director, when an additional application is submitted.

Local Area Placements (within a 60-mile radius of the Hattiesburg or Gulf Park campuses)

Teacher Candidates: 

  • Using Tk20, complete the Application to Begin Teacher Candidacy by October 1st for Spring candidates and by March 1st for Fall candidates.
  • Enroll with The University of Southern Mississippi for the two student teaching courses.
  • Contact school administration upon notification of placement.
  • Prepare for teacher candidacy responsibilities. 

Courtesy Placement 

The Director of EFE may approve placements either to or from The University of Southern Mississippi.  All details pertaining to placements are handled on an individual basis; however, in addition to normal candidacy costs, students can expect to pay for visits from USM personnel which would include travel expenses and might include additional expenses for lodging and food.  To request a Courtesy Placement, complete the Courtesy Application on Tk20 in addition to the standard Application to Begin Teacher Candidacy.

International Placement 

This is an invitation to apply for a very special program - the opportunity to broaden your horizons and enhance your future teaching career from a global perspective. At present USM students can apply to experience the area near London, England as their international placement or apply to teach at a Department of Defense Dependents School (DoDDS) in Europe. Teaching in the UK usually commences the second teacher candidacy experience of the semester.  Student teaching with DoDDS is a semester-long experience.  Applications for student teaching abroad are due every March 1st regardless of whether you wish to student teach in the coming fall or the following spring semester. The lead time is necessary to secure placements, and if you meet the requirements, every effort will be made to secure an international student teaching placement for you.  If you would like additional information about this unique opportunity, contact Dr. Sylvest in the Field Experiences Office for a personal appointment.

Application for this experience of a lifetime is available on TK20.