Practicum & Observations

For Students:

In order to be prepared to student teach, your methods or education instructor will require you to complete a certain number of observation and/or practicum hours in local schools.  Some instructors allow students to select the school in which they will complete the observation/ practicum requirement.  Other instructors select the school for you.  The form found here will be completed by both you and the instructor and submitted to the Educational Field Experiences Office.  The EFE office will then complete the placement process and notify your instructor when a placement has been approved.


For Instructors:

Please make a copy of the General Practicum Placement Form for each student in your class, distribute them during the first week of class, and return all forms to the Educational Field Experiences Office (Box #5028 or electronically) by the second Wednesday in the semester.  Placements should be made within 2 weeks of EFE receiving the forms, although some districts take longer than others to respond to our requests.  With a 14-week semester, deadlines for submission become paramount.

If you or your students desire a Hattiesburg School District placement, then a Quality Learning Time (QLT) form must be submitted with an attached syllabus.  At this time, the Hattiesburg School District requires all QLTs on Monday by noon prior to the first Wednesday of the month.  The QLT form may be found here.