College Statement/Vision/Mission


Students, faculty, and staff in the College of Education and Human Sciences are committed to 

  • learning and its value for individuals, families, communities, and society;
  • an inclusive environment that reflects and respects diversity of people and ideas;
  • success for all students based on holistic and contextual supports;
  • high quality teaching, research, and service that merits respect from one’s peers;
  • personal integrity, individual responsibility, and a demonstrated work ethic;
  • professional collaboration that maximizes both resources and results;
  • a positive work environment that promotes and supports individual and collective professional growth, recognition, and success; and
  • educational attainment for the citizens of Mississippi and beyond and the resulting impact on quality of life and economic development.


By capitalizing on its unique academic composition and commitment to excellence, the College of Education and Human Sciences will be the primary choice for regional, national, and international undergraduate and graduate students that meet high standards for admission and graduation in each of our programs. Our academic programs will recruit, retain, and graduate students representing diverse groups and at rates that represent the top quartile nationally.  Academic programs in the College of Education and Human Sciences will provide transformative educational experiences to ensure that graduates possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to be successful and to positively influence a culturally diverse, global community. 


Building on the distinctive heritage of our University as a normal college, the College of Education and Human Sciences has expanded its mission to prepare not only successful professional educators but also influential researchers, mental health and human service professionals, and information specialists.  The College 1) delivers high quality teaching that transforms the lives of students, 2) generates and disseminates knowledge through research that impacts societal needs, and 3) engages in professional service that multiplies the effects of both teaching and research. The College of Education and Human Sciences provides a student experience characterized by student support that fosters success, provides exposure to diversity of people and ideas, includes active engagement in research, offers quality practicum and internship experiences, and provides opportunities for professional service.