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Duke TIP Collaboration

Duke TIP and the Center for Gifted Studies


A Beautiful Partnership

For many years, the Center for Gifted Studies and Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) have collaborated to bring students in Mississippi the exciting, accelerated courses that are known as the Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth.  USM is one of only four schools across the nation that share this prestigious relationship with Duke.  Students enrolled in the program meet qualifying standards established by Duke and take courses designed to provide high level academic activities that showcase each participating university's premiere programs of study.

Awards Day

Each year, Mississippi students in the 7th grade participate in Duke TIP by taking the ACT or SAT. Those who score as well as entering college freshmen are invited to join us for the Annual Duke TIP Awards Ceremony, held in the beautiful and historic Bennett Auditorium.

On the morning of the Ceremony, parents and students gather on the Hattiesburg campus to learn about programs that meet the exceptional needs of these gifted students.  Traditionally, speakers from the Mississippi School for Math and Science,  Mississippi School for the Arts, USM's Honors College, and the Mississippi Department of Education begin building the dreams of these bright and innovative students toward the future they can create for themselves.  

The Ceremony

In the afternoon, students are seated in a place of honor at the front of the auditorium and are welcomed by officials from both Southern Miss and Duke.  During the ceremonial procession across the stage, students are awarded antique silver or antique gold medals indicating the level of their achievements.  Students are personally congratulated by University officials and have the opportunity to take photographs to commemorate their achievements.

Educational Opportunities for Award Winners

Students who have received Duke TIP awards or recognition are able to enroll in the Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth as well as programs at the other collaborative universities across the nation.  The program at Southern Miss is a three-week residential program that allows students to take advanced level courses in areas such as Forensics, Polymer Science, Human Anatomy, Anthropology, and more. 


 Bennett Auditorium

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