Graduate Scholarships

The College of Education and Human Sciences is thankful for the support provided to our students through privately funded scholarships and awards. These scholarships and awards are made available through generous donors who understand the significance of a university education and the positive impact education has on individuals, communities, and our state. The College considers it a privilege to partner with these donors to enhance educational outcomes at all levels.

Scholarship information for the College of Education and Human Sciences is located in the Undergraduate Bulletin and is listed below. Application Deadline is March 1st. Please return your application materials as described in the application form to the Dean's office, OMH 116. For any other questions, please contact the CEHS Dean's office at 601-266-4224 for additional details.

In addition, The Mississippi Teacher Shortage Act of 1998 provides critical needs incentives. Visit the Mississippi Department of Education website at

Annual Scholarships

*LEO MILLER SUMMER AWARD: A summer award to help a graduate student, a USM alumnus, who is returning to take a master's degree in elementary education. The selection should be based on need and academic performance.

*ALICE WALKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: To provide financial assistance to a masters level candidate in special education.

*JOSEPH O'HARA CARSON: For a graduate student with emphasis in higher education.

*BERTHA M. FRITZSHE: To an outstanding graduate student in Child and Family Sciences upon recommendation of the graduate faculty in that area.

*GIBBES-LIBERTO LIFELONG LEARNING SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: In honor of Joyce Gibbes and Maureen Liberto who both received their doctorate in Educational Leadership and Research, this scholarship shall be awarded to a person who is pursuing a specialist or doctorate degree in Educational Administration and who has made a commitment of lifelong learning with past contributions to learning within the field of education. Preference given to the nontraditional, mature-aged student who is vibrant and eager to pursue activities that sharpen the mind and imagination. Selection process shall be coordinated by the chair of Educational Leadership and Research.

*ALTRA HOWSE HAMMAN: To a full-time graduate student majoring in family life or child development, who has completed one semester of graduate work with a GPA of 3.75 with no grades below "B," high moral character, and native-born citizen of the United States.

*FRANCES A. KARNES SCHOLARSHIP FUND: To provide scholarships for students in graduate degree programs with emphasis in gifted education, which may include travel for professional development. Selection to be made by the dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences; department chair, Special Education; and faculty member whose primary interest is in gifted education.

*MOLLINE MAYFIELD KEYES MEMORIAL: To provide a scholarship for a graduate student in Library Science who has maintained a 3.5 quality point average in their senior year and 3.0 overall average. The recipient is to be a resident of the State of Mississippi. Selection will be made by a committee composed of a representative from Library Science, Financial Aid and the Development Office. The student must demonstrate financial need satisfactory to, and subject to the approval of the committee.

* DR. RALPH S. OWINGS: Award to an outstanding graduate student in educational administration upon recommendation of that department.

*DR. R.G. BIGELOW: Award to an outstanding student, undergraduate or graduate, who has a 3.0 grade point average and plans to enter the teaching profession.

*ALICE WALKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: To provide a scholarship to a master’s-level student in special education. Preference should be given to a graduate student who is also teaching in special education. Selection shall be made by the department selection committee.

**THE ROBERT M. HEARIN FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP:  To provide financial assistance to graduate students in the Dyslexia Therapy Master of Education program.  Recipients to be chosen by the College of Education and Human Sciences and the DuBard School for Language Disorders.

*Recipients to be chosen by the College of Education and Human Sciences