Continuous Enrollment Requirements

After admission to a professional education program, the following requirements must be met to continue in the program:

  1. All candidates must subscribe to the Tk20 Assessment System. Tk20 provides an electronic portfolio and storage system for students as well as tracks, stores, retrieves, and analyzes data for accreditation purposes; Please contact Debbie Stoulig for questions about Tk20;
  2. A grade of "C" or better in all content courses in the academic major as well as all professional education courses with an overall grade point average of 2.50;
  3. Fulfillment of major requirements in subject area;
  4. Completion of professional education courses required by the major;
  5. Take Praxis II content and PLT tests and have scores reported to Southern Miss (code #1479) prior to graduation.

A minimum of 30 clock hours of clinical experience is required prior to teacher candidacy (15 hours of observation and 15 hours of practicum). Specific programs may require more practicum hours.

Requirements for professional education programs are subject to modification. For current program information, students should contact the University’s Educator Licensure Office, 121-B Owings-McQuagge Hall; 601.266.5522.

Mississippi Department of Education licensure requirements supersede the program requirements listed in the Bulletin. Mandated changes in program requirements will be communicated through the candidate’s department.