Ed.D. or Ph.D. in Higher Education? Which is right for you?


Ed.D. versus Ph.D.

Higher Education

Which is right for you?







Do you intend to remain, and possibly advance, as a practitioner in a post-secondary institution?

Do you intend to pursue a career in research?

Do you see yourself using research in the future?

Do you see yourself doing research in the future?

Would you rather implement educational best practices and educational theories?

Would you rather advance educational theories?

Do you want your Capstone in Higher Education to address an actionable real-world problem of practice?

Do you want your dissertation to begin with identifying gaps in the existing research literature?

Do you hope to develop specific solutions that contribute to change or have policy implications?

Do you hope to propose general implications for the discipline and recommendations for future research?

The questions above are only a guide to help you make your decision. Please contact the Program Coordinator to help you further.