Educational Administration (M.Ed., Ed.S., Ed.D., Ph.D.)

Graduate programs in Educational Administration are designed for the preparation of individuals who are interested in serving as building level educational administrators (e.g., principals, assistant principals), district level educational administrators (e.g., superintendents, assistant superintendents, program coordinators) and/or individuals interested in the study of these fields (e.g., university professors, researchers). Individuals may also take courses within the department as non-degree students for professional growth and to satisfy requirements for license renewal.* Building level programs may lead to licensure as an educational administrator.

How to Apply

1. Apply online to the USM Graduate School and pay fee.

You will be prompted to request or provide the following:

2. Request Official Transcripts be sent to USM Graduate School 

3. Request GRE scores (within last 5 years) be sent to USM Graduate School

4. Request 3 letters of recommendation (from professionals who can address your readiness for graduate study)

5. Upload:Departmental Paperwork Requirements


      -must document teaching experience

      -three years teaching experience preferred for applicants

      -three years teaching experience is required prior to completion of the program to be eligible for 

        licensure as an administrator in MS

      -must attach education license/certification

Letter of interest

      -should include statements regarding applicant's beliefs about teaching and leadership

        as well as statements about professional goals

 Once the Application is complete,

 What to expect:

  • Once all required paperwork or documentation is submitted, each complete application will be reviewed.  

  • The Department will contact you to schedule an interview.

  • The Graduate School will notify each applicant in regard to admission status.

  • If accepted by the Graduate School, you should contact the program coordinator/director for advising and contact information.

 *Licensure and/or Certification is a function of each state’s department of education, and requirements for licensure certification vary from state to state. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of his/her state’s current requirements for licensure certification and ensure that all current requirements are met through completed coursework. The College of Education and Psychology certification officer who assists students with filing appropriate licensure and/or certification paperwork, but it is the student’s responsibility to provide the necessary forms. For these reasons, students seeking licensure and/or certification are encouraged to stay current with licensure certification regulations within their respective states. If you have any questions about this policy, contact the program coordinator.