Peter Paprzycki, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Research; Director, Dissertation Research Support Center

Research Interests:

Inquiry science practices in K-12 education

College students’ high-risk behaviors prevention

Psychometric instruments development and validation

Theory and Practice of:

Rasch and Item Response Theory models

Categorical data analysis

Modern regression methods

Hierarchical Linear Models

OLS and PLS Path analysis


Manager, College of Education and Psychology sponsored Dissertation Research Support Center 


Published Articles:

Paprzycki, P., Tuttle, N., Czerniak, C. M., Kaderavek, J., & Molitor, S. (in press). The impact of an inquiry science instruction on literacy and mathematics achievement in PreK-3 classrooms. Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Glassman, T., Paprzycki, P., Castor, T., Wotring, A., Wagner-Greene, V., Ritzman, M. E., & Kruger, J. (in press). Drunkorexia: Assessing the impact of central and peripheral messages using the Elaboration Likelihood Model. Substance Use and Misuse.

Doraiswamy, N., Porter, K., Wilson, G., Paprzycki, P., Czerniak, C., Tuttle, N., & Czajkowski, K. (2016). Development and validation of an instrument to assess teacher leadership behaviors in an NSF-funded MSP. Journal of School Leadership, 26(5), 726-755.

Glassman, T., Paprzycki, P., Blavos, A., Hutzelman, E., Sloan, J., Deakins, B., & Diehr, A. (2016). Abstinence, Social Norms, and Drinking Responsibly Messages: A Health Communication Study. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 60(2), 72-90.

Glassman, T., Blavos, A., Paprzycki, P., Deakins, B., Reindl, D., Whewell, A., & Ingraham, A. (2013). Mad challenge – 30 day alcohol abstinence pledge. American Journal of Health Studies, 28(4), 190-196.

Recently Submitted:

Paprzycki, P., & Mentzer, G. (under review). Using Rasch analysis to understand the functioning of items and scales on the Preschool Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs towards Science Instrument (P-TABS). Journal of Methods and Measurement.

Stephens, M., Fox, J., & Paprzycki, P. (under review) Mississippi merit pay pilot program analysis: Teacher beliefs and comparative attitude analysis between tested and non-tested subjects, and Title 1 and non-Title 1 schools. Economics of Education Review.

Siers, R., Fox, J., McCormick, K., & Paprzycki, P. (under review). Adapting and adjusting in professional development schools to positively impact pre-service efficacy. School-University Partnerships.

NSF Grants Research Participation:

May 2017 – Present. NASA GLOBE Mission EARTH Project research participant ( Scope: development of instruments measuring environmental literacy for middle school students.

NSF DRL – Discovery Research K-12 (under preparation); Role: Co-PI/PD.

Networking Urban Resources with Teachers and University to enRich Early Childhood Science (NURTURES, a National Science Foundation funded Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) program (NURTURES, NSF Award No: 1102808).

Leadership for Educators: Academy for Driving Economic Revitalization in Science (LEADERS), a National Science Foundation funded Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) program (NSF Award No: 0927996).

2017 Awards:

Oct 2017 – American Association of State Colleges and Universities: Excellence and Innovation Award for the Christa McAuliffe Excellence in Teacher Education – research member and co-author of articles on NSF-funded NURTURES program selected as an exemplary one that can serve as a model for other institutions and help advance practices in the field: La Jolla, CA.

2017 International Conference Presentations:

Paprzycki, P., Tuttle, N., Czerniak, C. M. (May, 2017). The impact of a Framework-aligned science professional development program on literacy and mathematics achievement of K3 students. Paper presented at the Global Conference on Education and Research (GLOCER): Sarasota, FL.

Siers, R., Fox, J., McCormick, K., Paprzycki, P. (April, 2017). Adapting and adjusting in professional development schools to positively impact pre-service efficacy. Paper to be presented at AERA Annual Conference: San Antonio, TX.

2017 Workshop Presentations:

APA: Citations and Referencing

APA: Tables and Figures

Moderation Analysis

Mediation and Conditional Process Analysis

Generalized Linear Model (Logistic, Proportional-odds, Multi-level, Poisson regressions)

Introduction to Rasch Models

Construction of Composite Scores – Rasch Rating Scale Model

Construction of Composite Scores –Rasch Partial Credit Model

Item Analysis - IRT 2PL, 3PL & Graded Models

HLM Model

HLM Longitudinal Model