Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs (M.Ed., Ph.D.)

The Higher Education Administration programs provide options for individuals who seek to work within post-secondary institutions. The curricula emphasizes the acquisition of skills and knowledge and includes a thorough grounding in theory and practice.  Growth in complexity and size of the administration of colleges and universities has prompted a need for professionally trained administrators who are knowledgeable of the structure, financing, legal issues, staffing, and administration of higher education organizations. Changes in the U.S. population have created more student diversity which in turn prompts a need for faculty and administrators to develop knowledge and skills in working with nontraditional students, returning veterans, disabled students, and students with multiple cultures and ethnicities. Increasing societal demands for accountability of educational institutions means that individuals with doctoral preparation in research, program evaluation, and assessment will be central to meeting this need. The department of Educational Research and Administrations offers a M.Ed. in Student Affairs as well as Ed.D. or Ph.D. programs to prepare individuals interested in meeting this need.

How to Apply

1. Apply online to the USM Graduate School and pay fee.

You will be prompted to request or provide the following:

2. Request Official Transcripts be sent to USM Graduate School 

3. Request GRE scores (within last 5 years) be sent to USM Graduate School

4. Request 3 letters of recommendation (from professionals who can address your readiness for graduate study)

5. Upload: Resume and Letter of interest that includes the applicant’s related experiences and professional goals

 Once the Application is complete,

 What to expect:

  • Once all required paperwork or documentation is submitted, each complete application will be reviewed.  
  • The Department will contact you to schedule an interview (for Ph.D.)
  • The Graduate School will notify each applicant in regard to admission status.
  • If accepted by the Graduate School, you should contact the program coordinator/director for advising and contact information.