Joseph Odenwald, Ed.D.

Joseph Odenwald earned the EdD in Higher Education Administration. Currently the Assistant Dean for Academic affairs/student services at Louisiana State University's College of Engineering, he is responsible for the advisement process for the college's undergraduates. Other responsibilities include supporting the faculty and working with community colleges on articulation agreements. Dr. Odenwald also teaches on a regular basis.

He described his goal in pursuing the degree as to wanting to advance in administration. Having been in positions at a small private college and now a large research university, Dr. Odenwald said, "I know my education from Southern Miss opened the door for me and enhanced my career opportunities. Had I not been in the program I would not have become the associate dean of students at Mississippi College, a position I held before coming to LSU. And I know that being ABD at the time was key to my getting an interview at LSU."

When asked to share advice with current students, Dr. Odenwald noted, "I would have spent more time in Hattiesburg with my colleagues. I did the program from afar, commuting from Jackson, and looking back I wish I had slowed down more and enjoyed what was a great experience. .  .  . Take the time to get to know your faculty. You are blessed with scholars who care about their students. The department faculty worked with me, and I cannot adequately express my gratitude. Also, get to know your colleagues. Grab lunch, dinner, a drink, or whatever. I miss those who matriculated with me more than you can imagine. In fact, in December 2015 I watched several of them graduate via the video feed, and tears were rolling down my cheeks as I sat at my desk at LSU. When you exit this phase of life, stay connected to Southern Miss and your friends in the program. Give a little money if you can, to pave the way for those who follow you."