Alternate Route Programs at Southern Miss

Why Southern Miss?

All educator preparation programs at The University of Southern Mississippi are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Programs are also accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education through the Mississippi Educator Preparation Program Accreditation Review. For more information, see here.


What is an Alternate Route Teacher Licensure Program?

Have you always wanted to teach but already graduated from college with a non-education/teaching degree? Do you want to be an integral part of our Nation’s progress by inspiring students toward academic growth?  If so, one of Southern Miss' three distinct alternate route pathways for teacher licensure may be appropriate for you.  Alternate route licensure is a choice for individuals who did complete a traditional program of teacher education.  Alternate route licensure is designed to capitalize on content expertise in an area of middle and/or high school preparation. 

If you are an undergraduate and would like to pursue a certificate for teaching in your field, the JumpStart pathway will give you a head start to earn an alternate route teacher's license.  If you are a graduate and would like to pursue an alternate route teaching license, the two choices are Teach Mississippi Institute (TMI) and Master's of Arts in Teaching (MAT).  Licensure content areas are listed below with their corresponding Praxis II test code. Consult the Mississippi Department of Education to ensure the test codes are up to date and correct.


Licensure Content Area (Grades 7-12Praxis II Test Code
Business Education5101
English Language Arts5038
Health Education5551
Home Economics5122
Library Media Specialist5311
Physical Education5091
Social Studies5081