Diane Fisher, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Dean

Dr. Fisher earned her Ph.D. in Technology Education at Mississippi State University.  She currently serves as the Associate Dean for the College of Education and Psychology and as Program Coordinator for the Business Technology Education program.  Her research interests include teacher education, e-learning, and technology integration in teaching and learning.  Dr. Fisher has published numerous book chapters and articles in national refereed journals.  She has delivered over 50 presentations at local, state, regional, and national conferences. Dr. Fisher is a past president of the Mississippi Business Education Association and the National Association for Business Teacher Education (NABTE) and currently serves as the National Business Education Association President-Elect.  She is past Editor of the Journal for Research in Business Education formerly the Delta Pi Epsilon Journal and the Business Education Teacher Journal, formerly the NABTE Review. She has recently been recognized as the recipient of the Collegiate Teacher of the Year Award by the National Business Education Association and by the Southern Business Education Association.