IT Certificate

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Instructional Technology Certificate

The Instructional Technology (IT) Certificate is intended to provide graduate-level students an opportunity to explore the field of instructional technology and design.  The IT Certificate can offer students a chance to expand their professional development in terms of integrating technology in the work settings, determine whether IT is a career they want to pursue, and/or add onto their credentials to help with job advancement.

The certificate is available to students from any discipline whether their current careers are in education, science, business, arts, health, and others.  Instructional technology is an interdisciplinary field that caters to students’ desire to acquire technology-based skills in improving workplace settings and developing instructional materials and programs.

If students first enroll in the IT Certificate and later want to pursue the Master’s of Science in Instructional Technology, coursework taken for the IT Certificate can be applied toward the master’s.  Students already enrolled in a graduate degree program (e.g., master’s) can apply for the IT Certificate if they have taken the required 12-hour coursework (see below) as long as the degree has not been awarded.

Instructional Technology Certificate Plan

Students planning to obtain an Instructional Technology (IT) Certificate are required to take the following coursework, totaling 12 hours, from the Instructional Technology Program in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education.  All coursework in the IT Certificate is offered online.  Courses in the certificate program can be substituted as long as the advisor approves.

Required courses:  Students are required to take two courses from the following list.

IT 648 – Digital Communications in Education (title change from before)

IT 650 – Instructional Strategies of Online Teaching

IT 720 – Instructional Design Principles and Theories

Selective courses:  In addition, students must take two courses from the following list depending upon their interests. 

IT 601 – Foundations of Instructional Technology

IT 610 – Ethics and Issues in Instructional Technology

IT 636 - Instructional Design and Development (title change from before)

IT 644 – Instructional Multimedia Design (title change from before)

IT 645 – Technology in Education

IT 755 – Web Development and Assessment (title change from before)

IT 709 – Leadership in Instructional Technology (title change from before

IT 780 - Seminar in Instructional Technology

IT 860 – Emerging Technology in Instructional Technology