IT Certificate

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IT Certificate Plan for the Educational Leadership Degree

Doctoral students planning to obtain an Instructional Technology Certificate in coordination with their respective majors in Educational Leadership are required to take the following coursework, totaling 15 hours, from the Instructional Technology Program in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education. 

Required courses:  Students are required to take the three courses listed below.

IT 601 – Foundations of Instructional Technology (online)
IT 648 - Telecommunications in Education (necessary for taking advanced levels of technology courses)
IT 709 – Administration of Instructional Technologies (online)

Elective courses:  In addition, students must take two courses from the following list.  

IT 636 - Instructional Systems Design (online)
IT 644 – Advanced Hypermedia Development (hybrid)
IT 755 – Web-Based Instruction (hybrid)
IT 780 - Seminar in Instructional Technology (online)